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(Yo)ung (Bro)wn (Po)et: A Collection of Poems

Surprise at lipstick being long lasting

haven’t been
giving head

but it’s been
and still
looks good

Featured Image: A line drawing of a reclining figure created by the artist.

screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-8-12-18-pmJess Saldaña is a Chicago native whose poetry draws from pop, digital and personal culture. She currently works as a muralist teaching high school students through the organizations Chicago Public Arts Group and Greenstar Movement. In spare moments she performs as Sell Data Sal Daña using tap dance, opera and mimetic traditions to personify a digital commodity who speaks. Poets who’ve inspired the trajectory of her work include Fred Moten, Alice Notley, Hannah Weiner, Eileen Myles, Claudia Rankine and Young Thug. Find her on Instagram under @sell_data_.