(Yo)ung (Bro)wn (Po)et: A Collection of Poems

October 11, 2016 · Archives, Artists, Featured, Poetry + Short Stories

Five poems that find inspiration in lyricists like Fred Moten, Alice Notley, Hannah Weiner, Eileen Myles, Claudia Rankine, and Young Thug.

towing blind windows/who’s counting?

like when calling is
to a behind me person
          say a name of mine
   the same name
       there’s nothing named nothing
funnier than scarlet tumbling
over petcoke stacked
horseshoes’ letter u
horses don’t stop the truth is
live fast thug young and
      live not
making to make
       but barely to turn into
            anything beautiful anymore
don’t mind me
already working that hard
well of a model
     skinny girl girl skinny
ya’ tell me what it’s like
         give me the skinny
to be the next prime cut in this
                 big bad shop
never meant to out you
never meant to cut the sow slow
with this dull ass blow
this moving away from
              other place
had a porch with two chairs neither
              never had a pool or poor old
hen we never did nothing with
oh so this
               is what sitting at the kitchen table is
the truth of yolo just hit
more like a kiss ever felt
always leaving you
breaking or a kind of thing
             talking it
always being later
never worshiping loss
tossed up in this loss too much
                       aw god
i can feel her trembling chilly
from the no one being around to throw
     blankets on top of her
                              where she is
she keeps falling asleep
not in bed again where she is
       frigid bitch
taught me how to be
this frigid bitch
who wakes up from
drug dreams of running alone with
              good great
              god knees
with this resin hardened chest
this prison is the first person
       something like a baby
       something like if humans
be the air of buildings
the doors the mouth
       except without the gift of voice
when the air
stops coming around
           the air
make building fall down
    the building is not there

     it stop make sound

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