Work with Sixty: Position Descriptions

Every opportunity to work, collaborate, or partner with Sixty comes with the chance to customize the focus, scope, and contribution frequency in a way that benefits all involved. Starting with the responsibilities and roles that need filled, you will choose your focus and work with us to create a position based on your current skills/interests and the ones you wish to nurture or develop. The roles vary when it comes to compensation and projected time commitment. We also offer occasional editorial residencies, preparator/exhibition installation work, commission opportunities for artists, and opportunities for guest editors.

  • Photographers work with Sixty writers and editors to create complementary visuals for articles, and attend events and locations as requested. Photographers are also welcome to pitch their own ideas including photo-essays or experimental photo projects to be featured on Sixty, if desired. This person will work directly with our editorial team to pitch ideas and take assignments. ($50 – $75 per assignment)
  • Illustrators and animators work with Sixty writers and editors to create customized visuals for articles, poetry collections, short stories, Sixty’s monthly Art Picks, videos, and special projects. Illustrators and Animators are also encouraged to pitch their own ideas for articles and experimental illustration projects to be featured on Sixty, if desired. This person will work directly with our editorial team to pitch ideas and take assignments. ($50 – $75 per assignment)
  • Transcribers assist our writers with audio interviews and provide transcriptions for Sixty videos and other audio documentation. Experience is preferred but not necessary. We will help to train you in basic transcription techniques if you need them. Transcribers work on an as-needed basis and receive up to two audio files to transcribe per month. ($1 per audio minute)
  • Translators work with Sixty writers and editors to publish bilingual articles, essays, comics, and interviews on art and culture in Chicago and the Midwest. To-date, we have published interviews and essays in Spanish and Portuguese, but are always open to other languages. ($150 – $250 per article)
  • Anyone with an Editorial role works directly with the editorial team to develop the general content on Sixty and editorial projects and collaborations. Other responsibilities include copy-writing for articles, helping to manage our editorial calendar, contacting past and potential contributors, recruiting new contributors, and taking on additional (paid) special projects. This person should have some administrative experience and be interested in picking up new experience in building and deepening relationships through publishing, archival projects, collaborative/experimental projects, and the day-to-day operations of a collectively-run nonprofit. Editorial assistants are also encouraged to use this time to be a contributing writer for Sixty, for which they will get paid $50 to $75 per article. ($20-$30 per hour)
  • Sixty works with arts administrators, cultural workers, project managers, fundraisers who are interested in lending their skills to the day-to-day operations and administrative management of a collectively-run organization like Sixty. We welcome those who are interested in developing skills in publishing, project development, fundraising, design (graphic and web), financial management, communication, or other areas of infrastructure and operations. ($20-$30 per hour)

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