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The Non-Artist Artist: Kyle F. Anderson


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Chicago-based artist, illustrator and designer…

Blinded by the Vector by Kyle F. Anderson, Commissioned for Not Just Another Pretty Face at Hyde Park Art Center, 2010

What first caught my eye about the work of Kyle F. Anderson was his incredible ability to use digital mediums to make something that looks very expressive and painterly.  Whether it’s a character study, a page from a fractured narrative or an abstract and text piece, his work will quickly have you questioning, “Paint or pixel?”  While he rarely uses his skills towards traditional art practices, what he does create will likely breathe a breathe of fresh air into the world of illustration he’s entered into.  Not bad for one who doesn’t even claim the title of ‘artist’.

Tempestt Hazel:  For those who aren’t familiar with you and your work, can you tell me a little about yourself and the work that you create?
Kyle F. Anderson:  I’m Kyle F. Anderson. I mostly designed characters, write stories for them and occasionally animate them.  I’ve also been known to do digital vectors, graphic design, poetry and occasionally music.  If it weren’t for the Simpsons and Mario I don’t know where I’d be today.

TH: If at all, how does living and working in Chicago influence your creative practice?
KA: Living in Chicago influence my creative practice in the same way that living on Earth and in the this universe has.  I have no idea what specific influence it’s had on me because I have nothing else to compare it to.

TH: When did you realize that you wanted to be an artist and make a career of it?
KA:  The moment I wanted to make art a career was the very moment I realized that my skill set was limited to playing video games, drawing pictures and analyzing film.

Untitled (Character Study) by Kyle F. Anderson

TH: Do you remember your first memorable encounter with a work of art?
KA:  I have no first memorable encounter with artwork.  Art has always been more of a fact of life than a privilege to me, so nothing really stands out.

TH:  Until this point, when you exhibit your work publicly, how do people respond to it?
KA: People usually respond to my work with shock or indifference.  I normally expect their response to be something like what it is and thank them one way or another.

TH:  Where do you see yourself and your creative practice in the next five years?
KA: In five years I should be working on a cartoon show.

Untitled by Kyle F. Anderson

TH: Do you remember the first piece you created?  How does that compare to the most recent drawings, paintings, designs and illustrations you’ve done?
KA:  I do remember my first piece I actually got paid for.  It was awful.  Even now I could improve a lot more but I wouldn’t even have put something like that out if I did it now.

TH: So, in the coming year, what can people look forward to seeing from you?
KA: I’m working on a short animated film with my friend director/writer Chris Aleszczyk.  It’s tentatively titled ‘The Immortal’ but that’s sure to change.  I’m also working on a graphic novel series called ‘The A List’.  I’m in Not Just Another Pretty Face at HPAC.  Otherwise I don’t think I’ll be in any other shows in the near future, I’m really not much of an “artist”.

Take a look at more work by Kyle F. Anderson on his online portfolio HERE.

Kyle’s work can also be seen in the Not Just Another Pretty Face exhibition, which will be up at the Hyde Park Art Center now through February 20, 2011.

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