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Here, There and Everywhere: Clutch Gallery

“Clutch Gallery is a year long curatorial project located in my purse. I have had to pare down to carrying the basic necessities to eek out this 25 square inch white cube that is dedicating to exhibiting contemporary art of all media. Clutch opened in December of 2009 and will run until December of 2010….” —Meg Duguid, Taken from Clutch Gallery is probably the most well-traveled space in Chicago. It’s probably been more places than any artist’s artwork or any curatorial endeavor ever has in Chicago’s history. Clutch Gallery has regular appearances throughout Chicago–anywhere from CTA Transits, bike routes throughout the city, grocery stores, office spaces to national conferences. Director Meg Duguid welcomes artists and curators to propose artists and projects to have in Clutch Gallery–recently Shannon Stratton of Threewalls had a hand in an exhibition at Clutch. I first ran across Clutch as it made an appearance at the TAAC Open Dialogue Conference in August 2010. See more photos of Clutch Gallery HERE.