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Intimate Justice: Oscar Chavez

 “Intimate Justice” looks at the intersection of art and sex and how these actions intertwine to serve as a form of resistance, activism, and dialogue in the Chicago community. For this installment, we talked to Oscar Chavez in Pilsen about internet trends, the body as a commodity, and tube tops.  This interview was edited for length and clarity.  S. Nicole Lane: Where are you originally from and how did you get to Chicago? Oscar Chavez: Born and raised in Chicago actually. I am from the South Side. So, I grew up in the South Side. I definitely don’t wanna stay in Chicago. But I think being a young artist in Chicago is amazing and there are so many benefits that you can work with. SNL : How has Pilsen community contributed to your practice? OC: I mean, I just moved here so I am still exploring. I moved a block from Textile Discount Outlet which has really been turning me up. I am there every morning and have been sewing so much. So that’s been a huge effect …

Take Five: Memorable Art of 2010

As Sixty Inches From Center continues to grow and explore all facets of visual art in Chicago, we asked some of our contributors to reflect back on this past year and discuss the most memorable encounters of 2010. Atomic Sketch Author: Meggie Hankel My Best Of 2010 choice is something I didn’t discover until late in the year: the live art- making event known as Atomic Sketch. What exactly is Atomic Sketch? Once a month, local artists gather at the evilOlive in Wicker Park and produce series of original work throughout the night. This work is tacked on a display board and then sold at extremely affordable prices (on average, $5-15 per piece). Onlookers can grab a drink at the bar and socialize with fellow art lovers or with the artists themselves. Though a panel of artists is typically selected for each event, anyone is welcome to bring their own supplies and drop in and create work, space permitting. Atomic Sketch does not collect commission, and all proceeds go directly to the artists. More interactive …

Step Inside: Beer Run Gallery NOW as in TONIGHT!!!

Tonight the Beer Run Gallery is having one last hoorah and selling an entire gallery of art work before it closes forever. Miami might be calling artist Jova el Graffista but you have an opportunity to keep a part of him here existentially in Chicago all for an affordable price. Jova el Grafista did a site-specific installation at a show I co-curated, so I definitely have a place reserved in my home to be reminded everyday of why I do the things I do and why I love art as much as I do. “Step Inside” ***Art Exhibit Art Sale*** 7p – 12a The Beer Run Gallery 1104 W. 18th Street Chicago, IL 60608 You can buy similar work by Jova el Grafista (like the examples below) at the Beer Run Gallery TONIGHT!!!