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Sixty in 60: Episode 1 – Hyde Park Arts Center

Sixty in 60. Hyde Park Arts Center from Andrew Roddewig on Vimeo.

Clarion New Media, who is sponsoring the current Media Match Drive has produced the first in a continuing web-series entitled “Sixty in 60”. Sixty in 60 is a series focused on Organizations and Institutions that are incubators for the arts in Chicago. Every episode takes a look at a specific place to discover what makes them unique. Our goal is to highlight and promote the organizations and institutions that help the Chicago art community thrive and grow.

We are only able to create specials like Sixty in 60 because of support from our community so please donate to the Media Match Campaign, so we can continue to bring art to the center.

Episode 1: Hyde Park Arts Center.

Located at 5020 S. Cornell Avenue; Hyde Park Art Center (HPAC) has a clear mission to stimulate and sustain the visual arts in Chicago. They have accomplished this mission for over 70 years through exhibitions, education and outreach.

As one of the oldest alternative spaces in the City, HPAC features a wide range of work by artists on all levels. In conjunction to exhibiting artistic works, HPAC also hosts many panel discussions, musical performances, hands-on events, workshops, open critiques and lectures to engage the public.

HPAC school and studio program were launched in 1940, and has reached thousands of children and adults who participate in ceramics, sculpture, painting, drawing, photography, stained glass and other visual art classes.

Since 1984, the Art Center’s Community Outreach Programs serve nearly 4,000 individuals. At Chicago Public Schools, parks and youth centers the HPAC Community Outreach provides art work shops and classes that improve test scores, train teachers, reinforce school curricula, and teach positive life skills.

We spent some time at HPAC during our Going Mobile event. We were very fortunate to be part of their Mischief Weekend celebration for halloween. The HPAC hosts events every month and Mischief Weekend was an opportunity for Artists and the community to gather and have some mischief. A special exhibit in the parking lot featured installations inside of PODS and a shaving cream balloon where any could suite up and have shaving cream fights inside a giant balloon. Mischief Weekend was so much fun for young and old and there is always something going on at the Hyde Park Arts Center. I hope you enjoy this brief look at the HPAC, and donate to our Media Match Campaign so we can continue to assist organizations like HPAC in their goals of supporting emerging arts and the community.