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Poetry Series: Therefore We Can Be Free (Part 2)

riding a divvy while black

maybe this is a poem where comic book shit happens. the black kid stopped for riding a divvy on the sidewalk flies away. superpower. superpower. yes he flies. yes lazer eyes. yes invisibility cloak. yes electro man. yes frozone. yes spidy strength.

maybe this is a poem where i hide

where i forget how to move where i tell my white friends to shut up. where they’re already quiet. i’m the one talking. i’m the one who made them get out of the car. i’m the one in a bush. recording a video i delete a day later.

maybe this is a poem where i tell you hyde park looks like perfect racial unity on a graph. illinois is not a small state. but right here. right next to this bush. i squat in. is the most racial diversity you’ll see in a hundred miles. juxtapose kenwood to rolling plains cops to prairie dogs the x axis to stalks of corn.

maybe this is a poem about my theory that ucpd officers are zombies that eat brains (specifically brains) soley black people brains. i developed this theory because it makes sense. i can’t think when they’re on every corner

maybe this poem is a dialogue between me and a zombie. hello zombie. this poem is a poem for you. i’d like to ask you some abstract questions. i’d like you to cry:

do my unwritten poems crunch.

are my dreams warm.

do my thoughts taste like lemonade.

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