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Udita Upadhyaya_Tannaz Motevalli performance_0067_by Nathan Smith


Image: Tannaz Motevalli performs in response to the score “Dear Tannaz: Cradle (youmeusthem).” This is the first of two times Tannaz performed at Roman Susan as part of “nevernotmusic.” Photo by Nathan Smith.

This is a still of a performance. Tannaz is in the middle of the gallery floor. Tannaz’s body is suspended through the inside of a chairframe—which leans forward at a roughly 60-degree angle—with the toes of Tannaz’s right foot touching the floor and Tannaz’s left leg kicked into the air. Tannaz’s hips rest on the edge of the seat’s frame and Tannaz’s torso cuts through the seatless seat area. From behind the chair (facing it), Tannaz reaches up to grip the back of the chair. Red thread is visible around the chair leg and a spool of red thread is in on the floor near Tannaz. In the background, Udita and audience members sit and watch. Words, phrases, and shapes on the gallery wall and windows are visible behind them.