Apocalypse 2012/Genesis 2013 // Jackson Junge Gallery

You hear a lot about the end of the world nowadays.  It is everywhere: the end of the Mayan calendar, global warming, and foreign conflict.  The apocalypse is a concept that has fascinated humankind for ages, and continues to captivate the imagination of many.

Jackon Junge Gallery, located on Milwaukee Avenue in the Bucktown/Wicker Park area has taken that very concept and turned it in to the premise of their current exhibition, “Apocalypse 2012/Genesis 2013”.  The gallery hosted the show’s opening event on September 14.  The show is co-curated by Chris Jackson, Laura Junge, and Anna Vlaminck, and reflects upon the Mayan calendar along with the Nostradamus prediction that the world will end in 2012.  “Often we try to do a couple of shows a year that tie in with current events,” Chris Jackson, co-owner of the gallery, said about the show.  “We thought it would be interesting to do a group show base on those predictions because they are getting a lot of attention.”

The show represents over 30 artists, both from Chicago and elsewhere.  The works range from paintings to photography to installation, and all reflect on the apocalypse.  While some pieces directly correlate with the end of the world, or topics that could cause or result in the end of the world, most focus on the idea of a post-apocalyptic earth.  “We challenged artists to not take the easy route and focus on the doom and the destruction, but to look forward and use their imagination to decide what that next world would look like,”  Chris explained to me.  “Most of the pieces are more focused on the future and what that futuristic world might look like.”

Over 30 artists being represented in a show about destruction and birth results in over 30 possible views of the future of our world as we know it and beyond.  This show is diverse in imagination and artistic ideas that comes together beautifully.  While some may expect a show of this topic be full of darkness and doom, and some artists did focus on this aspect, many of the pieces in the show were full of color, and even seemed hopeful for the future of our planet and civilization.  This show reflects both sides, and that is what kept its viewers intrigued.

Jackson Junge Gallery typically showcases around six major exhibits per year, consisting of both solo shows and groups exhibitions.  The gallery’s next show will open October 12th, and run concurrently with Apocalypse 2012/Genesis 2013.


“Apocalypse 2012/Genesis 2013”

September 24-October 28, 2012

Jackson Junge Gallery

1389 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Chicago IL 60622

Hours of Operation:

M-Sat: 11-8

Sun: 12-5, or by appointment

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