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Accessibility Guide for Sixty’s 13th Anniversary Celebration

The following is accessibility information for Sixty’s 13th Anniversary Celebration at Chicago Art Department on Thursday, November 16, 2023, 6:30-9pm CST. If you have accessibility questions or requests, please contact us at

Captions + ASL Interpretation

The style of this event is a party design and hybrid–it will take place in-person and also be live-streamed. Live CART (Communication Access Real-time Translation) will be provided for those tuning in online.

Audio + Sound

The majority of the event will have music and a DJ, with a short period of spoken remarks about halfway through (approx. 7:30pm CST). Microphones and a PA system will be used during the event, and all speakers will be encouraged to use a microphone while speaking.


For those joining us in-person, masks will be required and we will provide free masks for those who don’t have one. While food and drinks will be served, we ask that attendees wear their mask when not eating or drinking. 

Entrances + Restrooms

Chicago Art Department is a street-level, storefront gallery and event space with artists studios [map]. The main entrance consists of two double doors with two steps. Although the entrance isn’t wheelchair accessible, Chicago Art Department has a portable ramp for wheelchairs and walkers that can be easily placed at the door for those who need it. For assistance, an Accessibility Guide or member of the Sixty team will be available at the door to assist you with entry. 

CAD also has two single person all-gender restrooms, one with stairs to enter and one without. The stair-free restroom has a wheelchair accessible entrance but doesn’t have a grab bar.

Gallery Space

The event will take place in the smaller South Gallery within CAD’s storefront space. Although this isn’t a sit-down event, chairs will be set up throughout all of the event areas for those who want to take a seat at any time. The event will take place in the evening, so the space will likely be lighted overhead fluorescent and track lighting, with some colored lighting. There will also be a Glitter Guts photo booth and the photographer will be using a digital camera with a strobe flash.

If you need to step out of the space to take a break for any reason, there is a designated area to the west of the South Gallery or south of the main event space’s stage that you can go to.