Materials for Saving/Surviving: A Collection of Poems

January 18, 2017 · Archives, Artists, Featured, Poetry + Short Stories

The poems ‘Painted over paintings,’ ‘Series,’ ‘Over simple plain doubt,’ and ‘does your lady body ever freak you out’.

Over simple plain doubt

impossible narcissist love
love narcissist impossible
narcissist impossible love i
as i mend to break  bad cramps pulled me back in
i am bleeding old blood i can see it
you can’t. You refuse and i decide thats okay
sometimes i pretend you died and i decide that’s okay too

wonder if
you ever couldn’t sleep one night
thinking about how you ruined this body
dear country
you don’t have to
grab my pussy
to let me know it
wouldn’t be nice

how many days has it been
since tuesday? feels like forever
Dawn Penn plays out of a moving car
you dont love me yes i know now”
give me a napkin i need to clean something over here
a man’s voice tries to explain Lacan too loudly
looks like Audrey
breakfast at tiffany’s
i will steal the chandelier
i will take these
white crystals for the armed insurgency
“Snow Flurries expected this weekend in New Orleans”
just repeat the pretty little weather to me now

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