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(Yo)ung (Bro)wn (Po)et: A Collection of Poems


you are loosening along
a luckless lady
one is enough
if you’ve ever been
a lady to begin with
luck be
too big for that
ruining to the quick
any dream will do

i was never in love
yeah and johnny carson sucks

why don’t you behave like where this ugly
cotton ball’s been?

because it’s lazy


with hairs all tangly                                 oh oh

A long time ago
stained glass and bouncing
asked for my eyes

too busy for the nonsense
and whoosh it’s over

to stop my brother from crying
she gave him lollipops

says she’s looking for a single
death in forgetting


hated it
it’ll be just fine
please note,

remembering was never recommended
the beginning is the thought that comes before
i’m a thot

Calling her back into her body
Calling her back into her head back into her body
i think this game is stupid
i’m not playing it anymore

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