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Toby zur Loye

Managing Editor

Toby zur Loye is an artist, writer, and arts editor for Sixty Inches From Center. He grew up in Indiana, studying art history and painting at DePauw University before receiving his MA in art history from the University of Oregon. A 2011 move from Portland, Oregon to Chicago opened a number of doors, including the opportunity to complete a one-year BFA degree program at SAIC, working in the Ryerson & Burnham Library in the Art Institute of Chicago, and, of course, the exciting chance to be a part of Sixty’s amazing team!

In addition to an active painting practice and various ongoing research / writing projects (largely developed from his graduate thesis on Surrealist automatic theory), Toby is a sports lover (Colts, Timbers, Ducks!), a soccer player / enthusiast, a ski bum, and a Zelda nerd with a dog named Ganon. Despite a recent move back to the Pacific Northwest, Chicago still has a big piece of his heart, and he is thrilled to continue working with Sixty and advocating middle America’s thriving art culture.

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