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The Independent Professional: An Interview with LVL3 Gallery

What started as a simple passion and an opportunity to showcase new and emerging Chicago-based artists turned into something more. In early 2010, artist Vincent Uribe founded LVL3 Gallery an independent gallery in Wicker Park. Studying Art History and Arts Administration,  Associate Director Allison Kilberg began assisting Vincent shortly after. From their inaugural show entitled, Maybes to recently celebrating their one-year anniversary, LVL3 is going strong and expanding the programmatic scope of things evermore. I initially met Vincent during the beginnings of Sixty, last spring. We talked about some of the tribulations that are part of creating an art space or small organization. Everything has a place and purpose in the art world—whether commercial, not-profit or independent. And Chicago is brilliantly pieced together by so many spaces (different and alike) introducing all types of art to the world. All of this is hard to follow but Sixty is taking that challenge. The list is ever-growing and adding to that list we would like to introduce, LVL3 Gallery. Tell us about the LVL3 alternative space from …

On Track with Garage Spaces and Happy Collaborationists

The mission of Art on Track is to increase “cultural awareness and appreciation through exposure to the fine arts [by creating] new opportunities for members of the arts community to showcase their talent to an expanded demographic and reach out to those who may otherwise be isolated from the City’s vibrant art culture.”  For the third year in a row, curator Tristan Hummel brought some of the most innovative and participatory art happening in our city to the most unlikely, yet overly familiar venue–a CTA El Train.  Each car was occupied by different galleries, collaboratives and artists.  In the seventh train the guys of Garage Spaces merged with the ladies of Happy Collaborationists to create an experience featuring Life Blude Girls, post-apocalyptic scenes and word play.  SIFC sat down with both groups to get more information about their artistic practice and vision for Art On Track. Art On Track with Garage Spaces and Happy Collaborationists from Tempestt Hazel on Vimeo.