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Spread the Knowledge: a “Somewhere In Chicago” Story


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Buflo travels to the past to show his younger self the do’s and don’ts of graffiti in hope he spreads the knowledge to the generations to come.

Image: A black and white graphic that reads, "Somewhere in Chicago," "Where are we?," and "Not where, but when!" Featuring older Buflo driving a black car with young Buflo in the passenger seat. Background shows black and white flames on the side of the road.
Image: Black and white graphic shows young Buflo painting a wall and the text reads, "The year is 2010, Somewhere in Chicago..." "I should probably add more dots and arrows...wait what the hell is that?!" "It was the vandals first time on the move, little did he know this night would change everything por el resto de su vida..." and a broken wall with what appears like a spinning wheel or dark hole.
Image: Old Buflo appears in a black car exclaiming, "I'm you...from the future! Now get in, there's no time to explain! There's something you need to see." Young Buflo replies, "You just messed up my piece dawg! Who the hell do you think you are!"
Image: A black helicopter hovers over a burning windy city and text reads, "A lot of things have changed since your time. In 2024, War, crime, corruption and evil is at an all time high. Graffiti has been taken over by technology brainwashing every artist with a cellphone!" Older Buflo exclaims while pointing his finger, "It's up to you to change the fate of graffiti! Go back to 2010 and follow these three rules!"
Image: Rule #1!: Keep it simple before trying burners! How you gonna get up if they can't even read your name?!
Image: Rule #2!: Don't burn up the spot! Always clean up after yourself!
Image: Rule #3!: Never let anyone know who you are or what you write, you must keep your identity a secret!
Image: Older Buflo is droping off young Buflo and says, "Alright dude I showed you everything you need to see, It's up to you to save graffiti!" and "Yeah man no more arrows and leaving modelos on the floor, got it?" as he drives off into the spinning black hole he says to himself "I think that kid's going to be just fine..." To be continued...

About the Artist: “Buflo” is a Latino graffiti artist who has been painting illegally for more than 10 years. Lately he channels his earliest memories of doing graffiti through short stories giving a glimpse on what one artist might go thru during painting a night in the south side of Chicago. 

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