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Sixty in 60: Episode 3 – Chicago Urban Arts Society

For the Third episode of Sixty Inches From Centers on going web series, Sixty in 60 we visited the Chicago Urban Arts Society to find out about them and their neighborhood.
The Chicago Urban Arts Society(C.U.A.S.) at 2229 S. Halsted is more then a gallery, it’s a cultural hub for their community. Founded by Lauren Pacheco, and Peter Kepha in 2009, CUAS is a Not-for-profit exhibition space, residency and community center. Lauren and Peter are brother and sister who having grown up in Brighton Park felt as though many South-side neighborhoods lacked sufficient cultural organizations, so in 2009 they created The Chicago Urban Arts Society to fill that void. Back in October Sixty Inches From Center Visited The C.U.A.S. where not only was great art work on display, but a live band played, clowns performed for children, and adults were thrilled by a haunted house. While preparing for their next exhibit the “Daley Show” Sixty Inches From Center was able to speak with Lauren about The C.U.A.S’s role in the community.

One of the biggest news stories for Chicago in 2010 was the announcement by Mayor Richard M. Daley that he would not be seeking re-election. Even before this announcement The Daley show co-curators Anna Cerniglia, of Johalla Projects and Peter Kepha, of Chicago Urban Arts Society had already began preparations for a show on Mayor Daley. After Daley’s announcement they decided to continue on with the show, and to treat it as a farewell to the mayor’s public persona.

For this show artists were asked to look beyond their preconceived notions of the mayor and to create works that explore both the public image of the mayor but also look the person behind the image.
Sixty Inches From Center sat down with a few of the artists to find out how they approached creating a portrait of Chicago’s most influential and powerful public figure.

To see more of the works check out the flicker set below.