Image: Installation view of Suzannah Zak’s exhibition Flesh of Earth, at Prairie. The left wall includes one predominantly green piece, titled The snail (Helix pomatia) is probably the most common of the gastropods, though in fact is the most specialized and one of the most recently developed, being a terrestrial animal and breathing by a kind of lung. The majority of gastropods are marine animals and breathe by gills, made from C-prints, found print, lead-free solder, glass, and artist frame. Towards the center is a photograph of footprints in the snow, titled Many Animals Including Human Beings Traverse Through Snow. On the right side is Long Weekend Interfacing (Working Title), a red sleeping bag with digital photos and a wolf print t-shirt attached to it. Towards the ceiling, running a square around the room, is the piece Fladry Line (Thirst For Life), containing various shades of red glass, lead free solder, poles, and wire. Photo courtesy of Prairie.