Lindsey Barlag Thornton Udita Upadhyaya_8724_by Caleb Neubauer

This image is a close-up photograph of an open book, showing a typed performance score with black text on a white background. In italicized text, it says: “Boundary Line (For Falak) // Lindsey Barlag Thornton and Udita Upadhyaya / 2017.” In regular text it says: “Steal light from shadows. / Hear the music of air. // Become boundary. / Pass through. // Fail. Fret. Free (yourself).”

“Boundary Line (For Falak).” One of 13 scores written by Lindsey Barlag Thornton and Udita Upadhyaya as part of “In Flux” (collection of scores, 2017). Three of the 13 scores, including this version of “Boundary Line (For Falak)”—in addition to other scores by Udita Upadhyaya—are also in “Propositional Attitudes: What do we do now?” (edited by John Burtle and Elana Mann, Golden Spike Press, 2018), an anthology of recent performance scores, directions and instructions. Photograph by Caleb Neubauer. Excerpt reproduced with permission of the editors.