Udita Upadhyaya_SUCROSE performance_0169_by Esther Espino

This is a still image of a performance taking place on the sidewalk outside the gallery. The gallery is partially visible in the background, through the large front window, and audience members (standing behind the camera) are reflected in the window. Two performers in matching outfits (grey-blue sleeveless shirt, black athletic shorts with white stripes, Converse All-Star sneakers) kneel on the sidewalk, with a metal basin is on the sidewalk between them. Their heads are in or just above the basin, very close to each other’s, and neither face is visible. A white, twisted cloth is visible hanging from one performer’s neck. One performer wears blue gloves and the other is bare-handed.

Image: SUCROSE performs in response to the score “Dear SUCROSE: YOU (and you and you or you or you),” on the sidewalk in front of Roman Susan. This is the first of two times SUCROSE performed as part of “nevernotmusic.” Photo by Esther Espino.