Udita Upadhyaya_Install_0017_by Nathan Smith

The photograph shows parts of gallery walls as well as the triangular entry-way, with no people present. In the center of the image, there are three grey, carpeted stairs descending from the entry-way into the gallery space. Light from the door’s window casts sharp shadows onto a wall, the floor, and the stairs. Black vinyl letters are installed directly onto the white gallery walls, in the form of words and phrases in English and Hindi. Text appears in different sizes and spatial orientations (e.g., right-side up, upside-down, diagonal, vertical, and organic shapes), with some words/phrases expanded in space, condensed, or intersecting with other text. Gestural drawings — also made of black vinyl — are shown near the center of the image.

Image: Installation view of “nevernotmusic” exhibition. Photo by Nathan Smith.