Udita Upadhyaya_Ethan T. Parcell performing_0134_by Esther Espino

The performer and artist sit on a step in one of the gallery’s corners. Ethan speaks into a microphone while gesturing with the other hand. Above Ethan, on the right side of the frame, is a music stand holding a piece of notebook paper that reads, “I haven’t had a headache in weeks” (handwritten in black marker). Udita sits on the left side of the frame, looking toward the camera; her glasses reflect the light. Behind them are white walls and a white door onto which black vinyl letters are directly installed, in the form of words and phrases in English (including “aworldisatstake” and “listen”). Text appears in different sizes and spatial orientations (e.g., right-side up, upside-down, diagonal, vertical, and organic shapes), with some words/phrases expanded in space, condensed, or intersecting with other text.

Image: Still of performance by Ethan T. Parcell (right), in response to one of Udita’s performance scores, “Dear Ethan: (teach) love.” Udita sits to Ethan’s right. Photo by Esther Espino.