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Udita Upadhyaya_0310_by Esther Espino


Image: Udita Upadhyaya (center) at “nevernotmusic” exhibition. At left, Jerry Bleem crochets as part of a performance in response to one of Udita’s scores, “Dear Jerry and Nick: Hold (a hand a spine a heart a whole self).” At right is Kristin Abhalter Smith, who co-runs Roman Susan. Photo by Esther Espino.

The photograph is a medium-shot of the artist in front of one of the gallery’s internal, white walls. She is looking at the camera and smiling. On one side, Jerry Bleem crochets something large and blue and grey; on the other, Kristin looks past the camera while someone looks at her. Black vinyl letters are installed directly onto the walls, in the form of words and phrases in English. Text appears in different sizes and spatial orientations (e.g., right-side up, upside-down, diagonal, vertical, and organic shapes), with some words/phrases expanded in space, condensed, or intersecting with other text.