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Accessibility Guide for The Writer’s Room

The following is accessibility information for The Writer’s Room: A Town Hall on Dance + Performance Writing at Blanc Gallery on Saturday, November 4, 2023, 3-5pm CST. If you have accessibility questions or requests, please contact us at

Captions + ASL Interpretation

This is a hybrid event–it will take place in-person and also be live-streamed. Live CART (Communication Access Real-time Translation) will be provided both in-person and online. For in-person events, accessibility seating will be marked and reserved for those who need unobstructed access to captions. 

Audio + Sound

Microphones and a PA system will be used during the event, and all speakers will be encouraged to wait for a microphone before speaking.


For those joining us in-person, masks will be required and we will provide free masks for those who don’t have one. While food and drinks will be served, we ask that attendees wear their mask when not eating or drinking. 

Entrances + Restrooms

Blanc Gallery is a street-level, storefront gallery [map]. There is a small, gallery-owned driveway that allows temporary parking for loading and unloading within 15 feet of the entrance. The front entrance consists of two separate glass doors that are both wheelchair accessible. For assistance, an Accessibility Guide will be available at the door until 10 minutes after the start of the event. 

Blanc also has accessible restrooms, with entrances and stalls that are wheelchair accessible. To enter the gallery, you will need to go through one more glass door that is [push/pull to open]. Although Blanc has restrooms marked “Women” and “Men,” each restroom will be all gender during the event. 

Gallery Space

The discussion will take place in the gallery space. Chairs will be set up in the round so that the audience and speakers are facing one another. As previously mentioned, accessibility seating will be marked and reserved for those who need unobstructed access to captions or those using mobility devices such as wheelchairs and walkers. The event takes place in the afternoon, so the space will likely be lighted with a combination of natural light and fluorescent, track lighting.

We also welcome you to make yourself comfortable in the space–feel free to move around, stand, sit, grab snacks, and visit the restroom as needed. Additionally, if you need to step out of the space to take a break for any reason, the lobby or outdoor courtyard area are available as quiet, low-sensory spaces. 

Virtual Engagement

We want those tuning in online to feel just as engaged as those who are with us in-person. That said, we encourage those tuning in virtually for live-stream events to share your questions, comments, and thoughts in the chat or comments area and our Virtual Moderator will share it on your behalf.