Social Media Coordinator

*Deadline extended to September 17, 2021*

Sixty Inches From Center is seeking part-time social media support for maintaining our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook profiles. You would also be involved in strategy and content planning for future projects and campaigns. The pay for this position is $20 per hour and requires 10-20 hours per month with a self-determined schedule. We are looking for experience in and enthusiasm for engaging with social media and checking for local and regional art events, current cultural conversations, and interacting with our communities. We’re looking for people based anywhere in the Midwest.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Spending time getting to know and thoughtfully expanding Sixty’s connections on social media and interacting with peers, artists, and organizations within our extended communities (Twitter/Instagram)
  • Using Buffer to plan recently published articles, content from the archives, and social media suggestions from the team to then be shared on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Managing the social media accounts for Sixty Inches From Center along with the accounts for its Loss/Capture project, Chicago Archives + Artists project, and The Blackivists
  • Managing DM messages and requests
  • Researching articles for pull quotes, throwbacks, etc.
  • Staying connected with Sixty team members to get updates and information directly from our contributors (e.g. descriptions of inspiration from photographers and illustrators)
  • Working closely with Sixty’s core leadership and other team members
  • Participating in weekly digital communications meetings
  • Helping to strategize social media content for special projects and campaigns

What you’ll need to do it:

  • A desire to be regularly active on social media and engage with Sixty’s community
  • An ability to take longform written content and create posts for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Strong and approachable writing style
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • A strong visual aesthetic that fits our brand
  • Experience with Photoshop, video editing software (iMovie, Adobe Premier, After Effects), and captioning (MixCaptions, etc.) is preferred but not required–we can teach you those skills!
  • An understanding of accessibility practices on social media and/or a willingness to learn
  • A connection to the local and/or regional arts community

Is this you? Then please do the following and send it to by September 17th:

  1. Write a brief statement that includes why you’re interested and relevant work experience. 
  2. Answer the following question, Where do you see opportunities for strengthening Sixty’s current digital communications and presence?
  3. Provide examples of visual content creation, writing, and other relevant materials.