Not your average art studio

I’ll Cut You – but not really though. This is the name of a hair salon I stumbled into while wandering around the Flat Iron studios. I was already overwhelmed with all the studios I visited from First Fridays and the Art on Track opening reception so trying to figure out what I wanted to mention in the SIFC blog didn’t come easy. Thankfully, this studio just kept on picking at my brain all week. Originally, I was just going to post a few photographs but I just could not resist.

Yes, I know this is not your typical topic to highlight on an art blog but trust me this one is exceptional and October is over a month away. Everyone needs to know about I’ll Cut You because people need their hair cut and art needs to be sold. A little about Vladmir,  he is a hair stylist who has worked in the field for about twenty years and truly gives a mean cut. All hair products are made exclusively by Vladmir except for his Italian line of hair color.

I have read all seven Yelp reviews. Every single one is positive and coming from customers that have received haircuts from Vladmir for years. Everyone seems to agree that Vladmir is an exceptional conversationalist and if anyone knows what most hair salons are like, talking to a stylist in one of those chairs lasts for quite a while.

One take away from this short segment is that this is not your average art studio. Vladmir also promotes other artists working in the Flat Iron studio. How great is that? Vladmir’s take on art consulting is genius. Who gets to receive a hair cut, experience exclusive art and have the option to buy it? Not to mention and I am sure you are thinking it, art consulting is not the kind of business that is typically directed to average middle class people getting hair cuts. Everybody wins this way. Stay tuned for the full interview in October!