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Pitch an idea for “HEALTH”, our fall issue

Pitches have a 500 word limit and should cover:
– Specifics of  how your article connects with the issue topic.
– The kind of article will it be (Photo essay, interview, video, audio, etc.)
– Some insight into how the article will take shape. Who will you interview? What kind of visuals will be included in the article? What references will you be using?


Deadline to Pitch: June 28, 2015 (Deadline Extended to Sunday, July 12th) // Accepted writers notified on Sunday, July 19, 2015
Article First Draft Deadline: August 16, 2015
Issue Release: September 11, 2015
Compensation: $50 per accepted pitch and completed article

This is a more grounded topic and one that could be explored in countless different ways. We wonder about the ways that art can help along the path to healing. Or the ways that health, good or bad, could effect the works an artist creates. Is the art world inhospitable to creators with disabilities? Or is art a way to transcend physical limitations? We’d like to move beyond individual health, however, and explore questions of artistic health as well. What does it mean for an artistic landscape to be healthy? What are the symptoms of an unhealthy art scene? What are some of the “prescriptions” that can help get it back on track?

Pitches have a 500 word limit and should include some specifics of  how your final article would take shape. What kind of article will it be? Who will you interview? What kind of visuals will be included in the article? What references will you be using? How does the idea connect to our issue topic? Submit your pitches to Reuben Westmaas at




Deadline to Pitch: April 5, 2015 // Accepted writers notified on Sunday, April 12, 2015
Article Deadline: May 17, 2015
Issue Release: June 18, 2015
Compensation: $50 per accepted pitch and completed article

What does value mean? How does one judge value? Is there any way to say what any given work of art is “actually” worth, in monetary terms? Or is that too reductive? Furthermore, who gets to determine a piece of work’s value? Maybe in a perfect world, the artist would be able to (then again, maybe not). What about the million other, arguably more important, meanings of value? Art doesn’t just contribute to a society or to a culture in terms of money—so money aside, what is the value of art? Is value something that must be quantifiable, or can it be more abstract? Maybe the answer lies somewhere in between.


Pitch an idea for “GATEKEEPERS”, our winter issue.

Issue Topic: Gatekeepers
Deadline to Pitch: December 15, 2014 // Accepted writers notified on December 19, 2014
Article Deadline: January 25, 2015
Issue Release: February 20, 2015
Compensation: $50 per accepted pitch and completed article

As we look back on the transformative year of 2014, we at Sixty Inches From Center couldn’t be more pleased with the amazing work we’ve helped to share with our readers. For MARGINS, our very first issue as a periodical magazine, we explored corporate gentrification with Meg Santisi, we followed Felicia Holman on a historical tour of a one-of-a-kind performance troupe, and we discovered one hundred of Indira Johnson’s Chicago Buddha statues with Kwame Shorter. In EPHEMERAL, Rashalya Marie Brown viewed segregation through the lens of the Chicago Home Theater Festival, Georgina Valverde and Kate Thomas found infinity in a fleeting moment, and Sierra Nicole Rhoden paid bittersweet tribute to the recently concluded Brain Frame performance series. This year was the first time we’d ever curated an issue, and it got us thinking about how one goes about planning a new project and then ushering that work into the world.

Which led us directly to our next theme: GATEKEEPERS. In February we’ll be launching an issue focused on the entities that facilitate the arts by publishing, teaching, funding, and promoting new works or stand between artists and access to these resources. Who decides what is created, and how? Is the power in the appropriate hands? If not, what can be done to rectify that? We want to explore the topic through one-on-one interviews with the gatekeepers themselves, through firsthand accounts from those who’ve been affected either positively or negatively by these issues, and through alternative routes around the gates being kept.

If you’ve got an idea for GATEKEEPERS, send us a clear and concise pitch by Monday, December 15. The more specific, the better. We’ll let you know if your pitch has been accepted by Friday, December 19, and your first draft will be due on Sunday, January 25. The issue will go live on Friday, February 20. Contributors will be paid $50 for a completed article.

We take written articles, but also encourage pitches for audio interviews, videos and experimental journalism and article formatting. Also, please note that all writers are required to include 3-4 high resolution, quality images to go along with their article. We have limited space in our issues, so we may not be able to accept every pitch. However, if you don’t get accepted this time, we’ll be sure to contact you next time.

Submit your pitches to Reuben Westmaas at