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Letter From The Editors—Issue Three: GATEKEEPERS

Check out GATEKEEPERS, the latest issue of Sixty Inches From Center. Dear Readers, How does one become an artist? It’s difficult, but at least it’s straightforward—you work on your art. How does one become a successful artist? That’s where it gets more…

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Inferno, Purgatory, or Paradise: An Interview with Sabina Ott

I call Sabina Ott “my eyes and ears to the Chicago art scene.” Her endless ability to wow with her art, which was on view from August 30 to January 4 in the huge-scale “here and there pink melon joy” at…

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Gettin’ Down With The Underground

“..this impulse of artists building spaces and communities for themselves and struggling with the relevancy of their discipline to a broader public has a long history.”—Abigail Satinsky, Introduction to Support Networks “Meaning becomes compensated through its connection to an infrastructure….

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We Just Wanna Make Crazy Weird Stuff!

  Carlos Matallana is a Bogotá-born and Chicago-based visual artist, a teacher, and a New Tech Curriculum developer. He has taught graphic design, web design, and comics in different after-school programs around Chicago since 2005. Currently he is working in…

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Battle for Independents at PBS

On December 18, I was invited to attend a live-feed viewing of the National Black Programming Consortium’s panel on Digital Diversity. The conversation was framed around the upcoming application for serial projects about the Black experience, but I was there…

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The Way You Move: A Prom Night Interview with Cecil McDonald, Jr.

We at Sixty are believers in the idea that some things can’t be taught. Some things are just in your blood. That sentiment comes to mind when thinking about the work, style and charisma of photographer Cecil McDonald, Jr. Like…

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Mixed, Matched and Embroidered: A Prom Night Interview with Victoria Martinez

“…my personal style [is] a mix and match of different patterns and hand-me-downs, such as accessories and scarves, earrings, embroidered shirts. Those are just the things I’m drawn to in my art and also with other people…” – Victoria Martinez…

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Penning and Personal Style: A Prom Night Interview with Britt Julious

“It’s my Bladerunner, freelance writer uniform…” Britt Julious, The Back Talk Britt Julious is a writer whose articles have graced the digital and printed pages of the Chicago Tribune, Vice, The Guardian, MTV News, WBEZ–the list goes on. When she’s not writing for…

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Esther Grisham Grimm

Giving with Style: A Prom Night Interview with Esther Grisham Grimm

When someone introduces you to Esther Grisham Grimm there’s a good chance that the words thoughtful, sincere, gracious and good energy are woven in some form into that introduction. Not only is she the Executive Director of 3Arts, a foundation that gives…

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A Little Bit of Debbie Harry, a Little Bit of Jimi: A Prom Night Interview with Sadie Woods

Do you know Sadie Woods? If you’ve shared a room with her, that moment is likely etched in your memory. Sadie is a globetrotting curator, DJ, and artist whose style is impossible to miss. It is because of her sophisticated fashion…

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