Sixty is extremely grateful for every dollar that has been donated to keep us going. Without our donors, we wouldn’t have been able to add hundreds of artists and thousands of pieces of archival materials to the archives and eventually grow to the point where we can pay our writers.


Grants and Awards

2013   The Jane and Tad Shepard Family Foundation
2011    Community Arts Assistance Program Grant
2011    The Propeller Fund

Individual Donors

Mecca Brooks, Esther Grisham Grimm, Angelique Williams- Power, Jessica Kaswiner, Sabina Ott, Dawoud Bey, Debra Westmaas, Marcus Hazel & Nicole Staker Hazel, Kutisha Hazel, Michael Moen, Matt Maldre, Kimberly E. Sutton, Jason Judd, LaKeisha Leek, Susan Winslow, Anya Wiley, Will Moss, Debra Westmaas, Keith Upchurch, James & Sherry Hazel, Laura Swanlund, Michael Parlett, Julie Niemi, Katherine Nardin, Angee Lennard, Barbara Koenen, Joan Friedrich, Brent Fogt, Xavier Duran, Drew Dockery, Michael Dinges, Dominic Cesario, Lucas Blahnik, Amanda Appel, Janney Woods, Kate Korroch, Cortney Lederer, Laura Lund, Abigail Satinsky, Shawn Lent, Alpha Bruton, Emily Green, The Nevica Project, Clare Hiatt, Gardner Huggett, Brian Inman, Allyson Dykhuizen, Chris Silva, Kelsey M. Byers, Matt Maldre, Jim Kirkoff, Elizabeth Mead, Paul Mead and 3Arts.