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Letter From The Editors—Issue Five: HEALTH

The fall issue talks about art and health, in all of its forms…

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Is There Such a Thing as a Healthy Creative Space?

A comic-style article on the health of creative spaces…

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Joan Giroux, life review: sacrifice best what is not yours, 2015, performance, 13 minutes and 56 seconds. Photograph by JI Yang.

The Art of Being Human: Joan Giroux at QUEER, ILL, & OKAY

Illness from the caregiver’s perspective in the performance of Joan Giroux…

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Flower Murals 1

Flowers for Healing

Finding community love and healing after the erasure of the Graffiti Blaster program…

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O Festival Feature

Collected Ephemera: First Annual O+ Festival Chicago

O+ Festival featured in a new series of ephemera-focused articles by the Sixty team based on our issue themes…

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Book Binding

Book Spines and Community Backbones: The Anatomy of Arts Publishing in the Digital Era

Print as a breath of fresh air in an over-saturated digital publishing landscape…

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Standing on Grass

For Green(er) Grass

A reflection on career moves and the art of gardening…

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Be Way Better Featured

Be Way Better

  In order to be way better in every way, complete these 7 badge requirements in full. Then, find someone whose approval means everything to you and ask them to cut the above badge carefully along the dotted line and pin it…

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Hematoma #8 detail

The Virus of Scarcity and The Culture of Abundance

We are born in the red: amongst the blood and flesh of our mothers—already indebted. What we owe our families—a debt of the body. And slowly the circle widens. Our debts to our friends: the price of acceptance; our debt…

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Tandem copy

HEALTH, a limited edition print by Tandem Felix Letterpress

This limited edition print was commissioned by Sixty Inches From Center through a partnership with our friends at Tandem Felix Letterpress, located in Lacuna Artist Lofts. This print comes in an edition of 60, 40 of the prints are used to help raise funds…

0 Comments / 52 View / September 2, 2015