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Arts Writing. Archiving. Advocacy.

Sixty Inches From Center is a non-profit  online arts magazine and archiving project that focuses on art as it exists outside of mainstream institutions in Chicago. Through arts journalism, events and unconventional partnerships we collect and archive the words and ephemeral materials of cultural producers digitally through our website and physically through an ongoing partnership with the Chicago Artists Archive at the Harold Washington Library.

We believe that the stories of contemporary artists, curators and writers are key components to understanding history and need to be preserved. Therefore, we provide a platform and capsule for the voices that we feel deserve recognition and a dedicated space in history.

Sixty Inches From Center is a 501(c)(3) organization that thrives and survives on volunteer support and donations.

Sixty Inches From Center officially launched on October 31, 2010. Check out photos from our day-long art ride from Hyde Park Art Center to Chicago Urban Arts Society, Elastic Arts Foundation, and South Side Community Art Center here.