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Hey, We Are All Beginners Here!

Roots and Culture hosted a new exhibition about oral, performative, written and visual communication entitled, Hey, We Are All Beginners Here! Line, Color, Form, Nutrients, and Affection, presented by StopGoStop also known as The Network of Crowded Art. We Are All Beginners Here! is described by StopGoStop as, “… a multi-headed hydra, a trans-temporal, trans-spatial, trans-disciplinary exhibition (a big show!) of mutating, mutable work by a cast of talented marginal characters.”

As I walked around and took photographs of the show I came across an illustration and read this quote from it, “Actually, everybody’s a dragon, but current conditions discourage and disallow us to express those sinuous traits.” It really resonated with me and I happen to come to find some truth in this statement. I often evaluate the worth and weight of my degree. After spending a moment thinking about the mortgage I took on for a degree in Art History I realize I am not alone in the pursuit of a meaningful and valid career in the arts. It is funny, free knowledge is available at our fingertips if we choose to look and engage in conversation. Today we seek out expensive education to earn a degree in the arts that guarantees us to only keep the jobs we had as students. Us quirky baristas really are smart! Sometimes a little idealistic humor is really what it takes to sincerely convey the truth. Without any political cue, the truth is easier to swallow when fed to you in less abrasive and witty doses.

I bring you to my conclusion. This is the moment when you raise your eyebrow and wonder to yourself, “who is this crazy person?” I say, times are tough and we are all quirky dragons but the difference is that I am not discouraged to express my sinuous ambitions. Hence, why I am so close to this project. And I digress.

Later that afternoon, Mike Wolf, Sean Starowitz and others went for a journey in Wicker Park with their soapbox. During that time they read excerpts from literary publications in the show. You will be able to listen to the full audio of the soapbox journey as well as an exclusive interview with Mike Wolf at the end of October.