CA+AF Volunteer FAQ


This page is an easy-to-reference guide for all of our volunteers who are part of Chicago Archives + Artists Festival: Art Design Chicago Edition.

General Questions

Q: What’s the lineup for the festival? 

A: You can find a detailed lineup here.

Q: What is Sixty Inches From Center? 

A: Sixty Inches From Center is a non-profit online arts publication and archiving initiative that supports and promotes art and writing that thrives primarily outside of mainstream historical narratives. You can learn more about us here.

Q: What is Art Design Chicago? 

A: Art Design Chicago is a citywide partnership of cultural organizations that explores Chicago’s art and design legacy with more than 30 exhibitions and hundreds of events throughout 2018. You can learn more about Art Design Chicago here.

Q: What are the Chicago Artist Files? 

A: Housed in the Harold Washington Library, The Chicago Artist Files includes information on over 11,200 fine and commercial artists in all visual media from late 19th through 21st century Chicago. You can learn more about the Chicago Arts Files here.

Q: What is Read/Write Library? 

A: Through their public programs that engage hundreds ages 6 to 75+ annually, free browsing hours at their Humboldt Park Reading Room, 6,000+ publication collection, and open source catalog, Read/Write Library aims to put the construction of community narratives into the hands of the community. You can learn more about Read/Write Library here.

Q: What is LATITUDE, Chicago?

A: LATITUDE is a non-profit organization that maintains a community digital lab with high-end scanning and printing equipment, operates an artist in residence program, and organizes regular education & arts programming. You can learn more about LATITUDE here.

Q: What is the South Side Home Movie Project? 

A: The South Side Home Movie Project is a five-part initiative by the University of Chicago to collect, preserve, digitize, exhibit, and research home movies made by residents of Chicago’s South Side neighborhoods. You can learn more about the South Side Home Movie Project here.

Q: Who is running the festival? 


CA+AF Co-Organizer, Tempestt Hazel

CA+AF Co-Organizer, Kate Hadley Toftness

CA+AF Program Manager, Christina Nafziger

CA+AF Volunteer Manager, Juan Carlos Corredor

CA+AF Archiving Manager, Timothy Hoff

CA+AF Archivist + Archives Liaison, Analú López

CA+AF Director of Operations and Archiving, Jennifer Patiño Cervantes

Q: Who do I report to? 

A: Juan Carlos Corredor, Volunteer Manager, will be your main point of contact. He can be reached by email (  

Q: Who are the artists involved in this festival? 

A: Darryl DeAngelo Terrell, Marc Fischer, Sky Cubacub, and AJ McClennon

Q: How can I get more involved in the Chicago archiving scene? 

A: You can ask any of the organizers from Sixty Inches From Center. We’d be more than happy to direct you to archives in the city that fit your interests. For the most recent list we’ve compiled of Chicago-based archives, click here.

Location Questions

Q: What does the floor plan for the festival look like? 

A: Here are floor plans for the two rooms we will be working with:

CA+AF Floorplan 1

CA+AF Floorplan 2

Q: Will there be parking? 

A: There is metered parking available on California Ave and a few block northeast of Read/Write Library on Division St.

Q: Where can I store my things?

A: The room labeled as Bathroom 3 in Floor Plan 2 will be the main space where you can store your things. If you would like a more private space, please consult with a CA+AF organizer.

Q: What’s the Wi-Fi password?

A: Re@dLoc@l

Role Questions 

Q: What’s my role? 

A: You can find a detailed list of roles here.

Q: What do I do during my down time?

A: Feel free to explore the stacks of Read/Write Library.

Q: What if I don’t know what time I am volunteering or the specific role I’ll be performing?

A: Please get in contact with Volunteer Manager, Juan Carlos Corredor.

Q: What if I won’t be able to make a specific volunteer shift?

A: If you are able to coordinate with another volunteer, please inform Juan Carlos when you have confirmed shift coverage. If you are unable to find coverage, please contact Juan Carlos as soon as possible.

Archiving Questions 

Q: What can be archived? 

A: To be eligible the artist, collective, space, or organization must have produced or participated in at least two public programs and have been born or spent a significant amount of time making art and showing publicly in Chicago.

Q: What cannot be archived?

A: The archives DO NOT accept original artwork (paintings, most drawings, sculpture), large books, and materials not relevant to Chicago art and artists.

Q: How do I process donations at the festival? 

A: Individuals can donate in two ways:

1) Drop off and leave materials that they want to donate as originals (no scans provided)
2) Wait in line and put their name on a list to go through the scanning process with their materials.


Q: What are best practices when it comes to scanning? 

A: Make sure ephemera is placed flat on the scanning bed with approximately an inch of border space on each side if possible.

Here is a technical breakdown of preferred scanner settings:

Color Perfect Flatbed Tutorial copy

Q: Who is this other volunteer at the Archiving Station? 

A: LATITUDE has provided two volunteers (one per scanner). As an Archiving Volunteer, you will be collaborating with your paired LATITUDE volunteer to make the scanning and archiving process as smooth as possible. Feel free to inform donors of the participating organizations and artists by referencing this guide

Q: What if a donated item is damaged? 

A: When you have a moment, inform a CA+AF organizer so we can properly assess the donated item and label accordingly.

We are immensely appreciative of our volunteers and want to thank you again for your time and efforts. As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.