Partnership Inquiries

Working alongside and dreaming up new projects with artists is at the heart of everything we do. We welcome conversations and inquiries about all types of collaborations, projects, and partnerships, no matter the style, budget, or scale–as long as it aligns with our values and focus.

We’re open to working with artists, publications, organizations, and anyone who offers chances to elevate the culture of our communities, work with archivists and archives, and provide paid opportunities for artists and writers to make work and manage the collaboration.

Sixty has produced and partnered with archives, print publications, artist-run spaces, galleries, museums, music venues, art centers, filmmakers, and artist collectives on over 2 dozen projects. These relationships have resulted in collaborative editorial projects, curatorial projects, exhibitions, panels, writers meet-ups, symposia, residencies, archive projects, festivals, video series, photo essays, exhibition essays, comics, and more.

All collaborations are reviewed and decided on collectively by the Sixty team, and a decision will be made based on a variety of factors, such as how the project aligns with our values, team capacity, budget, and project timeline.