Author: row särkelä

Image: Marissa Macias faces the camera with her hands together towards her head. Three images of Marissa are arranged like a kaleidoscope on a silvery-blue background. Photo by Sarah Joyce.

FOLD/UNFOLD: Interview with Marissa Macias

FOLD/UNFOLD: fashion designers and artists on dress, tactics, community, and power in zhegagoynak/zhigaagoong (Chicago) and beyond. Marissa Macias is an interdisciplinary artist and fashion designer from Chicago. She received her BFA at The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, where she developed her signature practice of designing fashion collections based upon highly fleshed-out narrative storytelling. I’m drawn to Macias’ effortless blend of rigorous tailoring, workwear influences, and touches of spooky-yet-playful melodrama. There’s something feral in her pieces, but you could still wear them to the club or to sneak into a squat and start working on the wiring. Dealer’s choice. We’ve previously discussed her highly collaborative process and the ways in which the clothes she designs imagine what a future beyond capitalism could look like as a garment. I see Macias as a highly theoretical designer who makes clothes to withstand the rigors of the physical work it will take to build the new worlds we want. Macias’ newest collection is forthcoming from her brand, Petrichor.  I recently sat down with her in her Humboldt …