Author: Rise

Image: A digital illustration of a person in a bathtub. The water is a galaxy. Image by Teshika Silver.

If You Know You Know

Free Fall face flat on sheets Stomach meeting mattress massage, A deep sigh + a settle. This is the downpour I mean When I pray for rain ——————————————— The presence of my healingIs not the absence of my painMy trauma live w me in thespare roomBut we ain’t the same. She in the kitchen, barren fridgeI feed me for us bothShe in my body and I dance her outonce a week. Shake the sticky memories off my skinReplace w honey in my teaMy trauma stay w me an I take carea her tooPlace her in porcelain tub for a spiritualrinseProse, petals, water, epsomOil, candle, crying, cradling Ancestors say let them stones go so I doSay the power you been fighting foralready been in you Sick queers been known isolationfuck a pandemicBeen known skype staticlike urgent caremedics  known to mask in publicbefore mass productionknow counting stairs + counting pills +counting calmBed be galaxyBreath be stars Know meals at front doorsunexpected callswe show upmad bitches got enough shit to shift throughdon’t always know what we need Blessed …