Artist Researcher for Sixty Collective

Deadline to apply: October 2, 2022


Sixty is seeking a curious person to join our team as a researcher for Sixty Collective, a new artist database platform launching in 2023. The person in this role will work closely with the project’s co-leads and UX Designer to gather information about the practices and ongoing needs of arts workers and cultural workers in Chicago and the Midwest. This role will include a range of research methods, everything from data gathering, to one-on-one conversations, intimate focus groups, online searches, online forms, website testing, and other forms of independent and self-directed research. 

We’re seeking someone who has an expressed interest in or first-hand knowledge of the daily needs of arts workers, cultural workers, memory workers, and freelancers. We’re also interested in people who have a background or interest in collective and people-powered principles and practices such as solidarity economies or cooperatives.

The ideal candidate for this role would be a freelancer with a relatively flexible schedule and a clear commitment to and knowledge of Sixty’s communities (LGBTQ+, femme, BIPOC, diasporic, and disability). Curriculum development and editorial development are a plus but not required. After the completion of this role, this person could potentially grow into a new, ongoing position within Sixty Collective in 2023.

This role has the option of being 100% remote and is open to anyone based in the Midwest.

Payment + Timeline

This is an independent contractor position. The compensation for this role is $3,000 ($300/week at 10 hrs/week) and the projected timeline would be from October 19 – December 21, 2022, approximately 10 weeks. Availability on Wednesday afternoons between 2pm – 4:30pm is a plus. For this role, Sixty will pay out the stipend monthly, with the first disbursement happening upon signing onto the project. If an extension is required, we will discuss the terms of the extension together, if/when that time comes.

What you’ll be doing

  • Conducting research and gathering information on arts workers and cultural workers across creative and cultural disciplines, regional geographies, backgrounds, and experience levels.
  • Working closely with the Sixty Collective team to define and refine research needs and co-create a clear plan and timeline.
  • Communicating directly with artists to get feedback and gather necessary information about their lives, careers, and practices.
  • Collaboratively shaping the ways that the research can be presented internally to the wider Sixty team and also externally to our communities.
  • Participating in bi-weekly project meetings.
  • Seeing this role through to the end, with a potential interest in extending participation in this project.
  • Transparency, accountability, and asking for what you need.

What you need to do it

  • A mutual love for independent/self-directed research and collective work/thinking
  • A deep curiosity for the Midwest arts ecosystem and the livelihoods of artists
  • Strong information organizing skills
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • A connection to the local and/or regional arts communities

Interested? Then please do the following and send it to with “Artist Researcher for Sixty Collective” in the subject line. We will begin reviewing applications after the deadline date and will work to respond to all inquiries within a week of the deadline date.

  1. Write a brief statement introducing us to you. (4-6 sentences)
  2. Write a brief statement explaining why you’re interested in this role. (4-6 sentences)
  3. Share any materials that demonstrate your research skills, approach, and methodologies (feel free to include web links to work samples, your resume/CV, or PDF attachments).
  4. Any questions you have for us about this role.

Deadline to apply: October 2, 2022