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How Green Star Movement is “Changing the Urban Canvas”

How Green Star Movement is
As Chicagoans, we are lucky to be exposed to a variety of different forms of public art.  Blessed with numerous blank walls, building faces and underpasses, we have a vast “urban canvas” to be transformed into accessible works of art for all to enjoy.   Many talented artists have seized the opportunity to turn these spaces into their own creations, and Green Star Movement has played an integral... 

Getting Archived in Roger’s Park

Getting Archived in Roger's Park
JC Steinbrunner on duty at Sixty Inches From Center’s Get Archived event in Roger’s Park. (Image credit: Melissa Patiño) For three Saturdays in a row now, Sixty has been hosting archiving events on both the city’s North and South Sides. We’ve been able to spend time with some talented artists and collect a treasure trove of new material to add to the Chicago Artists’... 

If This Ain’t Love

If This Ain’t Love
Yesterday I attended the annual Meeting of Styles live graffiti event in Chicago’s Little Village. Participation in M.O.S is invite only so for first time participant artist Brooks Golden, this was a big deal. It was especially meaningful for me to witness so many talented artists coming together and converging their diversity with such honest styles of work right in the city I live in. If... 
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