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Celebrating 40 Years: A Chicago Public Art Group Collaboration

To celebrate 40 years of public art throughout the city’s neighborhoods, the Chicago Public Art Group has partnered with Sixty Inches From Center to find out what Chicagoans think about the work that has lined our streets, bridges and community spaces.  What do you think about the public works that occupy your neighborhood?  This is your opportunity to tell them what you think.  Visit one of the following locations, or take a look at this interactive MAP.

Then share your thoughts at


Chicago Public Art Locations:
Unidos Para Triunfar/ Together We Overcome
Artist: John Pitman Weber
2100 W. Division St

Breaking the Chains/ Rompiendo Las Cadenas
Artist: John Pitman Weber
Rockwell & LeMoyne St.

All of Mankind
Artist: William Walker
617 W. Evergreen Ave.

Spirit of Hyde Park
Artist: Astrid Fuller
57th St Metra Underpass

History of the Packinghouse Worker
Artist: William Walker
4859 S. Wabash Ave

Man’s Inhumanity to Man. Wall of Daydreaming
Artists: William Walker, Mitchell Caton, Justine Devan, Siddha Sila
47th St & Calumet Ave

Tilt Together Protect the Community
Artist: John Pitman Weber
2401 N. Washtenaw

A Time to Unite
Artists: Mitchell Caton, Calvin Jones
41st St & Drexel Ave.

Black Women Emerging
Artists: Justine Devan, Mitchell Caton
4120 S. Cottage Grove Ave.

Childhood is Without Prejudice
Artist: William Walker
56th St & Stony Island Ave.

Another Time’s Voice Remembers My Passion’s Humanity
Artists: Mitchell Caton, Calvin Jones
3947 S. Michigan Ave.

For The People of The Future
Artists: John Pitman Weber, Lynn Takata, Jose Guerrero
North and Springfield Ave.

Builders of the Cultural Present
Artists: Mitchell Caton, Calvin Jones
71st St. & Jeffery Blvd.

I Welcome Myself to a New Place
Artists: Olivia Gude, Jon Pounds, Marcus Akinlana
113th St. & Cottage Grove

Life Tree – Arbol de Vida
Artists: Catherine Cajandig, John Pitman Weber
2125 W. North Ave

Where there is Discord…Harmony. The Power of Art
Artists: Marcus Akinlana, Olivia Gude Dzine
1801 E. 71st St.

Honor Boricua
Artist: Hector Duarte
1318 N. Rockwell St

Es Tiempo de Recordar. Its Time to Remember
Artists: Marcus Akinlana, Sandra Antongiorgi
1800 N. Pulaski Rd.

Where We Come From… Where We Are Going
Artist: Olivia Gude Dzine
56th St & Lake Park Ave.

Still Deferred, Still Dreaming
Artist: Olivia Gude Dzine
Washington Blvd & Sacramento Ave.

Aren’t I a Womyn
Artist: Olivia Gude Dzine
1210 N. Western Ave.

Feed your Child the Truth
Artist: Bernard Williams
50th St. & Cottage Grove

The Great Migration
Artist: Marcus Akinlana
3947 S. Michigan Ave.

Fishing at Hogarth’s Head Bay
Artists: Tim Portlock, Beatriz Munoz
1108 W. Lawrence Ave.

Fellows and Others Mural
Artists: Olivia Gude, Juan Chavez
844 W.32nd St.

Urban Worlds at the Crossroads
Artists: John Pitman Weber, Bernard Williams
Chicago Ave. & Pulaski Rd.

Jones College Prep Mural
Artist: Chris Silva
606 S. State St.

Healy Elementary School
Artist: Bernard Williams
3010 S. Parnell Ave

West Humboldt Park Bricolage
Artists: John Pitman Weber, Bernard Williams
Southwest corner of Lawndale & Chicago Ave.

Fosco Park: Imagining the Possibilities
Artist: Corrine Peterson
1312 S. Racine

Loop Tattoo
Artist: Johanna Poethig
101 E. Lake St., way up high on east wall

Reflections of Good
Artist: Juan Chavez
2744 W. 63rd St.

Lawndale CDC spray paint mural
Artist: Rahmaan Barnes
Central & Ogden Ave Park

We are, Notros Somos… Little Village/ Lawndale Paderewski Project
Artists: Rahmaan Barnes, Maria Gaspar
2221 S. Lawndale Ave.

Chicago Christian Industrial League Mural and Bricolage
Artist: Damon Reed
2750 W. Roosevelt Rd.

Instinctive Moments, HPKO Project 47th Street Underpass
Artist: Rahmaan Barnes
South Side, 47th St & Lake Park

Indian Land Dancing
Artists: Todd Osborne, Tracy Van Duinen, Cynthia Weiss
Foster Ave & Lake Shore Drive

Mount Greenwood Bricolage and Playground Instruments
Artists: Todd Osborne, James Brenner
3721 E. 111th St.

Reaching Back, Moving Forward, Lest We Forget – The Song of 47th Street
Artists: Carolyn Elaine, John Pitman Weber
North Side, 47th St & Lake Park


CPAG’s 40th Anniversary from CPAG on Vimeo.

Discover more works by the Chicago Public Art Group on this interactive MAP or visit

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  1. spudart says:

    Oh wow. I’m gonna give this some thought. Thanks for providing all these photos and lists for us to give some good feedback to the Chicago Public Art Group.

  2. spudart says:

    Oh I clicked through on the link to the survey and it asks for feedback on one public artwork. Ok! I can handle that…

  3. […] The Public Art Survey was a project I created as a partnership between Sixty Inches From Center and the Chicago Public Art Group (CPAG) in celebration of their 40th anniversary. Surveys which asked the question, ”What does this make you feel?” were placed adjacent to 40 different CPAG works throughout the city. Respondents could answer through a QR Code or weblink featured on the survey.  The goal was to to find out what Chicagoans think about the work that has lined their streets, neighborhoods, and community spaces. © Zachary Johnson 2012 Website by Logan Sorese bmbSlide(420,4500,"#fff"); […]

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