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A Weekend in Pilsen and Exhibitionism (again)

If I could have spent my entire personal savings last night at the Beer Run Gallery, I would have. Beer Run is not just an art gallery but part of the Pilsen art community so it is unfortunate that they are closing the doors. The good news is that many came and supported, in presence or purchase, the end of many great art initiatives and the beginning of more to come.




Unlike the varied themes of exhibitionism in Tom Torluemke’s work last Friday at Co-Prospertiy, this Friday there were breasts, breasts and more breasts. Again, in Pilsen, manifested Querida Production’s first curated event entitled, Ella. It is an exhibition that explores the world from the feminine ‘eye’. Jennifer Patino really showed her audience a tight fist of what she really thinks with her razor-sharp and wonderfully professed poetry. Proceeds from some of the work showcased in Ella will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Brava Jennifer and Querida Productions!

The events this weekend at Beer Run and the Ella show at Cafe Mestizo testified that everything in life and the art world has its’ beginnings and endings. It is just how it goes.

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