Pay It Forward Fundraiser

An Experimental Collaborative Fundraiser.

Pay It Forward is a collaborative, experimental fundraiser and birthday bash for Sixty Inches From Center and Autotelic {Studios} that happens every fall.

We are experimenting with the idea of paying it forward to other organizations who are doing wonderful things for artists across the city. For Pay It Forward we donate 20% of our fundraising total and other gifts to several Chicago-based projects that are doing great things and have been big supporters of what we do. For every dollar you donate, you will not only be supporting Autotelic and Sixty, but you will be helping to support an endless number of artists who have a hand in building a thriving arts community in our city.

In 2013 we were able to raise over $1,200 for our partner organizations and the artists who provided work for our Pay It Forward event.

Check out the press release and event photos from our 2013 fundraiser, which happened at FLATS Studio last year.

Pay It Forward has changed a little bit. This time, join Sixty, Autotelic Studios and The Perch for our next event on February 14, 2015: Prom Night.