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Penning and Personal Style: A Prom Night Interview with Britt Julious

“It’s my Bladerunner, freelance writer uniform…” Britt Julious, The Back Talk Britt Julious is a writer whose articles have graced the digital and printed pages of the Chicago Tribune, Vice, The Guardian, MTV News, WBEZ–the list goes on. When she’s not writing for…

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Esther Grisham Grimm

Giving with Style: A Prom Night Interview with Esther Grisham Grimm

When someone introduces you to Esther Grisham Grimm there’s a good chance that the words thoughtful, sincere, gracious and good energy are woven in some form into that introduction. Not only is she the Executive Director of 3Arts, a foundation that gives…

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parking lot

A Little Bit of Debbie Harry, a Little Bit of Jimi: A Prom Night Interview with Sadie Woods

Do you know Sadie Woods? If you’ve shared a room with her, that moment is likely etched in your memory. Sadie is a globetrotting curator, DJ, and artist whose style is impossible to miss. It is because of her sophisticated fashion…

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Thank you!

Thank you!

Without your support Sixty wouldn’t have lasted this long. So, thank you for valuing what we do and helping to contribute to our survival. With gratitude, The Sixty Family (Tempestt, Jennifer, Reuben and Toby)

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Prom Night

Feb. 14, 2015: A collaborative party with Autotelic Studios, Sixty, and The Perch…

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Cover One-still

Letter From The Editors–Issue Two: EPHEMERAL

A word from the editors of Sixty Inches From Center.

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Sixty Offline: Writing In The Margins – Who Do you Write For?

On July 17th a panel of writers and activists discuss how they make work that doesn’t conform to mainstream arts narratives.

1 Comment / 78 View / July 2, 2014

RK Designs' 47th and Lake Park Mural Project, Chicago.

Sixty Offline: Effective Approaches to Working Across Communities

On Aug 10th, artists share insight on ways they thoughtfully work across and within different communities.

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“An Artist Without Parameters” A conversation with Brooks Golden

Archive Throwback is our chance to pull out and dust off articles from our archives.

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Margins cover

Letter From The Editors–Welcome to a New Sixty Inches

Check out MARGINS, the very first issue of our new online magazine.

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