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Our Work Is Never Done

Rahmaan Statik featured in El Pilsen Art Tour for Chicago Artists Month Image Credit: Jennifer Greenburg

On Thursday was the Chicago Artists Month 2010 Preview Luncheon at the Water Tower.  Having no idea of what I was in store for, and attending because I am helping out with CAM 2010 at the Dept. of Cultural Affairs, I stepped into a room full of artists, curators and cultural planners who are the people behind the most recognizable art, spaces and initiatives in the city.  While I was very excited to be sharing a room with the likes of Lois Weisberg, Michelle Bibbs, Barbara Koenen, Sara Schnadt, Janet Carl Smith, Trisha Van EckMary Jane Jacob, Angelique Power and so many more, I was most excited about having conversations with some of the featured artists.  So, I found myself at a table with Rahmaan Statik and his girlfriend Deana Etherica.  I’m pretty sure that we may have been the last ones seated at the luncheon, glued to our chairs with good conversation.  We talked about everything from the trouble he and others he grew up with have had getting support for their art in the south side community they came from (Rahmaan was nominated by the National Museum of Mexican Art on the west side to be a featured artist for CAM 2010), to influence of architecture on street art. Then we spoke about being vegan, my personal encouragement to artists of working a writer/art historian into artist residencies and the importance of knowing art and design history–the conversation developed organically.

I realized very quickly that I was sitting across from one-third of RK Designs (The other two being Max Sansing and Angel Rome Pagan), three artists responsible for some of the public art we’re so lucky to have in our city.  For instance, the 47th Street and Lake Park Mural that I’ve ridden my bike past quite often is their doing.  Individually and as a group, Rahmaan has worked up a very impressive resume that includes commissions and gigs locally and nationally with After School Matters, Verizon Wireless, Red Bull, Deeper Soul Records, Coca-Cola and one of his works, by a matter of chance meeting opportunity, appeared in the Busta Rhymes Video for ‘Don’t Touch Me’ (at 1min:48secs).

Of all we spoke about, there is one thing in particular that resonated with me that Rahmaan said.  ”You need to take the initiative to get noticed above the generation that came before you.  How badly do you want it?  And how much are you willing to sacrifice?”  For us in the arts, the work is never done! And it only took a luncheon to understand why Rahmaan Statik’s spot as a featured artist for Chicago Artists Month is well-deserved.

Rahmaan Statik is part of the featured CAM 2010 event, El Pilsen Art Tour.  Learn more about the event HERE.

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