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Sponsor The SIFC “Contributor Incentive Program”

Do you own a business or direct an organization in Chicago?

We are always looking for ways to strengthen our team and contribution fulfillment with donations from local organizations and businesses. SIFC operates with a small staff of three directors, one web designer, and one editor, who work closely with our contributors on a weekly basis to develop content for the archive. SIFC is a growing organization working from a small budget that currently does not allow for any extra monetary compensation. One way that we are able to keep our team feeling appreciated and motivated to continue contributing without compensation is with a monthly initiative—“the Contributor Incentive Program” that demonstrates our appreciation.

What type of donations are acceptable?
For this incentive program we are accepting monetary donations or gift certificates in the amount of $20, $50 or $75. Organizations and businesses that have donated to this program include Barbara & Barbara Hair Salon, Spudnik Press Cooperative, Lillstreet Art Center and Starbucks.

How will your contribution help SIFC?
Our vision is that these local contributions will serve as a practical supplement for what a larger budget will eventually provide: expenses such as groceries and utility bills, clothing, holistic costs, and personal fulfillment. We hope to forge ongoing relationships with our sponsors to foster the development of not just SIFC but the connectivity and growth of our local businesses and organizations in Chicago neighborhoods.

What is the return value for your business or organization?
Because we are a not-for-profit arts organization, your donation is tax-deductible. Our website receives an exceptional amount of diverse traffic on a daily basis and our public presence is growing immensely. We are offering each sponsor plug on the Perks Incentive Page. This plug includes information about the sponsoring organization or business” a link, a logo and a special mention.

For more information about this program please contact Nicolette Caldwell, Co-Director at

If you would like to provide a general donation to SIFC you may click the “donate button” on the home page.


Program Sponsors

Not your average hair salon. This place does haircuts with shampoo and blowdry plus beer for $20-30 (depending on the length and thickness of hair.) Need your bangs trimmed? Get a bang job for $7. If high maintenance is not your thing but you like a bit of color in your life, Barbara & Barbara also offers color and highlights for $30 an hour. They also offer hair repair treatments for $10. Schedule your appointment today!

3131 w. Logan blvd.
Chicago, Illinois 60647
Phone: 773-384-6244
Email:barbaraandbarbaraloveyou @

Hours of Operation:
Sunday 12-6pm
Monday 12-8pm
Tuesday-Saturday 10-8pm

Spudnik Press offers a democratic print shop that is catered to all levels of experience and easy on the wallet. In addition to the studio space, Spudnik offers open studio hours, classes and workshops. Other programming that Spudnik offers includes exhibitions and drawing groups. Want to find out a way to become more engaged with your community? Taking advantage of the programming at Spudnik Press is a great way for people to become engaged with the Chicago arts community.

Spudnik Press
1821 W Hubbard, Suite 308
Chicago, IL 60622

E-mail: angee @
Phone: 1-312-532-0304

Hours of Operation:
Monday & Thursday 6:30–11pm
Saturday 12:30-5pm
or by appointment


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