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Mental Strikes on the North Side

When I took the Red Line north from Addison last weekend, the window to my left was suddenly filled with the light blue shapes of the street artist known as Mental. Until now I’ve only encountered his work while riding the Green Line south from the loop, so coming upon his work up north was a complete surprise.

This piece differs slightly from his works on the south side: here, his designs snake around a comparatively low rooftop wall instead of decorating a wide, flat plane. His distinct, geometric style has remained consistent between his three pieces I’ve seen. Still, that makes the encounters no less exciting. This time I was sitting with my brother as Mental’s large scale piece suddenly filled my peripheral vision. Immediately I turned to him, my voice filled with excitement, determined to make sure he’d seen it too.

Each time I’ve encountered his pieces, they’ve been a welcome visual surprise during an otherwise routine L ride. This time around, I was glad I could share the experience. To see the work for yourself, make sure to peer out the left side of the train next time you head north from Wrigleyville.

More information on Mental’s two pieces off of the southbound Green Line train can be found here.


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